New To Symptometry & Wondering What To Eat?


Then you've come to the right place! We understand just how challenging the transition to scientific eating can be.

Before learning about Symptometry root-cause therapeutics we were big time foodies.

We were vegan before it was trendy, we had our raw food phase, our juicing and cleansing phases, and we were 100% committed to

eating the best quality food on earth.

During those two decades of food sleuthing and dedication to knowing the sources of our foods we had never considered the Downside

of Nutrition.

We never considered what the negative effect of eating a diet rich in raw foods, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, grade B maple syrup, seaweed,

organic soy, organic corn, and whole grains would do to our cells.


We trusted the nutritional wisdom of the day and listened to the experts in the alternative nutritional field, and yet we were having

health issues.

Our health challenges were nothing major, but we still wanted to understand why we were dealing with anything at all.

We were young and had always been very disciplined about what we ate, we began to wonder why we weren't experiencing the promise of good health.

That dissatisfaction led us to discover Symptometry root-cause therapeutics, the best healthcare few have ever heard of. What we have learned from the founder Dr. Maxwell Nartey set our culinary practices on their head!


We had to make so many changes.

Learning to avoid citric acid, steer clear of nutrient blockers, track down the best food for our cells from different sources, and manage

our family’s treatment schedule was very daunting!


Now you can benefit from all our years of trial, error and effort. Simply enter your name and email below to receive weekly tips about scientific living and cooking with Symptometry in mind.