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Be Not silent

Africans are dying every day and every night. Without access to medicines, Medical Equipments, and well-trained medical staff, Africans are susceptible to their three big killer diseases on the continent: malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Globally, 50% of children under five who die of pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria are on that continent, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

But Why

Most of the time people from well-developed countries like the U.S. ask why are Africans going thru all these ordeals when their countries are independent and have governments in place, and Africa is a rich continent? Well, I can only answer the poor medical issues right now. I will emphasize one country particularly. ( LIBERIA)

Liberia is one of the smallest countries in the world with a bigger problem and challenges. There is corruption in the government and even in the churches, their ignorant level is higher and their mentalities are horrible. When it comes to healthcare, Liberia will be rated as nothing. There are few handfuls of hospitals in that country with no equipment. They are understaffed, and most of all, there are no medications. Patients are being misdiagnosed on the daily basis, because of a lack of well-trained doctors and the lack of equipment that they work with. As the result, the people die Harrowing Images of Liberia's Ebola Outbreak | Time

Yes. This little article is an awareness to all caring hearts. There are so many compassionate people out there in the world, who in my belief will one day stumble over this little article, and have the heart to help out.

Children are among the first victims of a new Ebola outbreak in Democratic  Republic of the Congo | UNICEF

Here is how you can help. There is an emergency needs for Medical Equipment in Liberia. Please Donate your used medical equipment to a clinic of your choice. Contacts this website for more pieces of information. Any little help will be highly appreciated.

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